How to get 40% OFF CleanMyMac X (Coupon)

Below, I’ll show you a hack to get up to 40% off CleanMyMac Coupon — CleanMyMac X tested.

CleanMyMac X is the newest version of CleanMyMac and a powerful Mac tool to save you gigabytes of storage. It is highly optimised for Mac High Mojave. It also has a range of great tools to manage apps, software extensions, privacy and sensitive files.

Skip to the bottom for coupons and discounts. They are all tested to be valid.

Mac Hard disk Space Cleanup

CleanMyMac X will search your Mac and find large and redundant files from your iTunes, iPhoto, Cache, App support files and emails. A detailed list of redundant files will be displayed for your confirmation before being removed. It is easy to save 20 to 30 GB of storage from your Mac.

Mac Maintenance

Apart from its great feature in space cleanup, CleanMyMac X also has a whole range of awesome daily maintenance utilities.

Uninstaller:  this finds all files related to an application including library support files, cache files etc. Therefore, a complete app uninstall is very easy with CleanMyMac X.

Maintenance: this provides very useful tools such as DNS flush, Mail Speed Up, Reindex Spotlight and Repair Disk Permissions.

Privacy: I have to say this is one of my personal favourite features. CleanMyMac X provides an extremely easy to use interface for you to manage your browser histories or saved passwords, and your recent Finder histories.

Extension: this is an all in one place for your Mac browser extensions, startup items and various plugins.

Shredder: a certainly non-reversible file delete tool. As there is still a possibility for the experts to retrieve files even after they are removed from Trash, this tool from CleanMyMac X offers you the peace of mind after a safe deletion.

CleanMyMac Coupon, Discount, Promo Code


You may give CleanMyMac a free trial before purchase. When you purchase, make sure you use the coupons links listed below to save. These coupons are all tested to be valid, and they will be kept updated. Please bookmark or share this page for your future reference and for your friends to use as well.

CleanMyMac X Coupons:

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40% Education discounts (for users with a .edu email address)

After purchase using the coupons, you will get the license keys via emails.


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